Middle name


This project was created from the desire to use a specific space - un uninhabited house - as a temporary platform to explore what kind of ideas and narratives a group of artist could share.
“Middle name” refers to a family name the almost every portuguese person has but that is rarely used when presenting ourselves.
We reflected on the idea of creating a body of work that could privilege the ideia of collective and allow for multilateral connections formed within the group to emerge from our time together.
The particular characteristics of the space linked everyone. The artist’s relationships between the house and their practices took different routes such as site specific approaches, collective pieces, presentation of new work, creation from previously existing objects, or the recap of older material.
The exhibition space was subjected to a collective intervention, adapting it and thus promoting a multi-path of connectiveness between the works themselves and the house they occupied.

Featured artists: Aires de Gameiro
  António Guimarães Ferreira
  Diogo Bolota
  Gonçalo Preto
  Inês Brites
  Pedro o’ Novo
  Rui Castanho
  Rui Gueifão



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