António Guimarães Ferreira (Lisbon, 1975) is an artist investigating spaces and communities in a drift open to poetry and reflection. His artistic practice is viewd as a field of experimentation to think and propose relationships and affinities between spaces, objects and bodies.

In 2015, he won first place in the public art competition “Criarte” and spent two years at Mart as a resident artist, one of which as a fellow.

Between 2016 and 2018 he developed the project “Moradia” in an uninhabited house in Algés (Lisbon) where, throughout sculpture, installation or performance, a practice of intimacy with a closed space and the objects contained therein was nurtured. “Moradia”, presented the solo exhibition “no ghosts” and hosted the group show “Middle Name”.

Taking part in residences in India (Jaipur, 2017) and South Korea (Gwangju, 2018) has allowed for research to transmigrate from a specific place into the public sphere. From now on, the capture of moving images establishes itself as the main form of mediation and the 2019 exhibitions “Visão Monocular (Monocular Vision)” and “Farol (Lighthouse)” are the result of this process. Patterns of circulation, distribution and control, urban narratives imposed or interpreted by the community materialize from an intimate and everyday research committed to the search for affinities, bonds and similarities.

Solo Shows

“Farol”, Instituto Açoriano da Cultura, Terceira, Azores
“Visão Monocular”, Atelier Concorde, Lisbon

“no ghosts”, Moradia, Lisbon, 2018

“Enxerto” (w/ Rui Gueifão), Atalaia Artes Performativas, Aljustrel-Ourique
“Enxerto” (w/ Rui Gueifão), Plano Lisboa, Lisbon
“Enxerto” (w/ Rui Gueifão), Prédio de uma chinesa, Lisbon

“Cenário para uma tragédia em três actos”, MOB - associação cultural, Lisbon

Group shows

“Quarto Crescente”, Atelier SP121, Lisbon

“Nome do Meio”, Moradia, Lisbon

“Escalas Desejantes”, Museu de História Natural, Lisbon
“Férias”, Galeria ZDB, Lisbon

“Sem Escrúpulos”, Galeria 78/80, Lisbon
“Collective”, Re.act Art Gallery, Terceira, Azores
“Campanha”, Casa-Museu Medeiros e Almeida, Lisbon
“Escola de Línguas”, Museu de S. Roque, Galeria Sá da Costa, Ateliers Sá da Costa, Galeria 78/80, Lisbon
“Open House”, Mostra 16’, Lisbon
“Mertolarte”, Mértola

Contraprova / Haiku Shop, Lisbon
“Radiografia”, Mostra 15', Lisbon


“We are here now, what next?”, Gwangju, South Korea

“Jaipur Kala Chaupal”, Jaipur, India
Festival Atalaia Artes Performativas, Aljustrel (w/ Rui Gueifão)

“Residência Artística” em MArt, Lisbon

“Residência Artística Land Art” organizada pela Câmara Municipal da Póvoa do Lanhoso, Laboratório da Paisagem (Guimarães), Ledro Land Art (Itália), Póvoa do Lanhoso

“Residência Artística” em MArt (bolseiro)

Public art

“Enxerto” (c/ Rui Gueifão), Cerveira Biennale, Vila Nova de Cerveira

“Engrenagem”, Barbot Factory - Lazarim, Vila Nova de Gaia

“Armadilha I, II, III”, Biennale
“Uma Cerca”, Centro de Interpretação do Carvalho de Calvos, Póvoa do Lanhoso

“Cenário”, MOB – Associação Cultural, Biennale


Winner of MArt/Barbot competition for public art "Criarte", 2015


Emerge Catalogue, 2017


Feels like Home
Jaipur Kala Chaupal
House Ribeira Porto Hotel
Private collections

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